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The D-Line cable trunking system, with its sleek linear single-piece design, is an excellent choice for discreetly managing the cabling of our Cloud and Crescent LED lights. This system is not only quick and easy to install, but it also integrates seamlessly into any room décor.

Importantly, this surface trunking system provides essential protection for the cables from the curious hands of babies and children, preventing them from tugging at or playing with the cables.

Its surface-mounted design is a far more convenient and less disruptive alternative to loose cables or embedding cables in walls. This approach significantly reduces installation time and costs, while ensuring ongoing cable protection and peace of mind for all.

- D Line Cover / Trunking

- 16mm Wide x 8mm Deep x 1m Long

- Self Adhesive for quick and easy installation

- Can be painted to match wall colour

- White PVC

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