Handcrafted in Australia, our Boucle décor pieces are an ideal addition to your baby's nursery or child's playroom. Enjoy a curated selection of pieces that are soft to the touch and create a tranquil ambiance to be lived in, and loved in. At Rolenn Studio, we are dedicated to enhancing well-being through innovative products. One such innovation is the use of red light to promote restful, deep sleep.



Our Boucle wall panels were designed to be versatile and multi-functional, leaving the install process up to you.

Whether you choose to use double-sided tape, mount them with our split batten system to be screwed into the wall, or simply place them behind a bed base against the wall, our Boucle panels adapt to your needs. 

The Kid's Bouclé Cloud Wall Décor is not just beautiful but also packed with advanced LED features, making it a fun and interactive addition to your child's room. Keep reading to see the steps on how to get your lights up and running. 


Premium quality Matters

Hypoallergenic materials are more than a preference—they are a necessity for many families. Our fabrics are meticulously selected to reduce the risk of allergic reactions, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for children, particularly those with sensitive skin or respiratory issues.

A vision of aesthetic and functionality. These pieces can seamlessly transition from nursery décor to become cherished elements of your child's room as they grow into their junior years.

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