Handcrafted in Australia, our Boucle décor pieces are an ideal addition to your baby's nursery or child's playroom. Enjoy a curated selection of pieces that are soft to the touch and create a tranquil ambiance to be lived in, and loved in.


Let me share a little insight into our origins and how our journey began. The inspiration for this venture emerged from my fondness for Boucle items combined with stepping into the world of being a new mother, where the challenge of putting our restless baby to sleep became a nightly ritual and a quiet struggle. Frustration turned to fascination as we discovered the transformative benefits of red light therapy.

My husband happens to be quite adept, so with his craftsmanship and my ever-expanding stream of ideas, we embarked on creating an interactive décor piece. Our goal was to not only captivate the young ones but also provide a sleep aid and facilitate winding down.



Handcrafted in Australia, our Boucle décor pieces for kids are an ideal addition to your baby's nursery, creating a tranquil ambiance.

Lived in, Loved in. A vision of aesthetic and functionality. We offer a selection of curated pieces for children's room décor and living spaces. Soft to the touch, our Boucle Pieces establish a serene and bonding-focused sanctuary. Featuring SmartApp-controlled LED lighting with a range of settings, including red, multi-color, and warm white.

These pieces can seamlessly transition from nursery décor to become cherished elements of your child's room as they grow into their junior years.