Let me share a little insight into our origins and how our journey began. The inspiration for this venture emerged from my fondness for Boucle items combined with stepping into the world of being a new mother, where the challenge of putting our restless baby to sleep became a nightly ritual and a quiet struggle. Frustration turned to fascination as we discovered the transformative benefits of red light therapy.

My husband happens to be quite adept, so with his craftsmanship and my ever-expanding stream of ideas, we embarked on creating an interactive décor piece. Our goal was to not only captivate the young ones but also provide a sleep aid and facilitate winding down. We put the light features to the test with our two boys, and it's safe to say they gave it their endorsement as it chased the shadows away!

We've dedicated extensive efforts to seek out the finest fabrics and superior lighting features. Our intent is to offer our customers an amalgamation of aesthetics and practicality that leaves them feeling like they've acquired something truly remarkable.

Our hope is that you develop an affinity for our collection that rivals our own passion.